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Prosecution of Trump Starts Global Contagion Using Criminal Charges to Prevent Elections

• by Martin Armstrong

I reported how Argentina was bringing criminal charges against the opposition simply for saying, do not save pesos because the currency is collapsing. Thus, the government has turned that comment into a crime. In Brazil, the leftist government is desperate to stop former president Jair Bolsonaro, alleging that he was the mentor of "a wilful and premeditated coup attempt" copying the US on its desperate attempt to imprison Trump on the January 6th nonsense calling it an insurrection.

Our models on South America, which we will review at the WEC in November, point to civil unrest and even a Panic Cycle in 2025 in Brazil. Our target of 2023 for a Directional Change has appeared on time both in Brazil as well as in Israel. Brazil is divided like most countries today. The polarization is severe, and the government is DESPERATE, to say the least, just like the Biden Administration. The 2024 US election will NEVER be accepted domestically or internationally. This is the total collapse of Republican forms of government as we head into 2032.

Even in Israel, many question whether Israel has become a vassal state for the American Neocons who only seek war and constantly promote confrontation in the Middle East. Some have been asking if Israel is being used like Ukraine. At least in Ukraine, nearly 10 million people have fled, and Zelensky has suspended all elections. Is the decision of Zelensky to wage war against Russia really in the best interest of the Ukrainian people? A lot of people are starting to question governments on a global scale. Post-2024, we are headed into the collapse of confidence in governments around the world.

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