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As Biden Seeks Second Term, Some Voters Question His Record

• by Joe Gomez

Among the top concerns for voters about President Biden returning for a second term are his health, his ability to work in a polarized Congress, and whether or not he can handle mounting foreign policy crises.

"He's getting us into a lot of wars, there was that mess when he pulled out of Afghanistan, and now we're sending billions to Ukraine while I can't even keep up with my electricity bill," Andrew Kinnison, an independent from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, told The Epoch Times. "Now we're getting involved in the Middle East, he's writing too many blank checks."

There is also the concern about the Hunter Biden scandal.

"Biden is on a witch hunt against Trump; meanwhile, he's involved in his own drug addict sons dealings in Ukraine," Johnathan Ripley, a Republican from Annapolis, Maryland, told The Epoch Times. "I think he should be impeached."

An average of recent polling by Real Clear Politics on Biden's job approval rating shows nearly 55 percent disapprove of his handling of a variety of issues, including immigration, the economy, foreign policy, and the direction of the country.

The Epoch Times interviewed the voters above from different parties about their views on President Biden's work on several of those issues.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Biden 'wants' to run again, because he is the best shot the Deep State has in getting one of their people in. So, Biden's want exists only because the Deep State is constantly implanting the 'want' in him.

Comment by Anonymous
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My dad had Alzheimer's before he passed on, so we know what it looks like. Biden's brain is keeping him alive and that's about it, his mind is nearly gone, and he wants to run again? It's past time for him and Trump to both retire, and put age limits on the presidency.

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