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Finally, a smart home for chickens


For most Americans, eggs matter a lot. In a year, an average American is estimated to eat almost 300 eggs (that's either in the form of eggs by themselves or in egg-utilizing products like baked goods). We truly are living in what some researchers have called the Age of the Chicken—at least geologically, the humble poultry will be one of our civilization's most notable leftovers.

Food systems in the US are fairly centralized. That means small disruptions can ratchet up to become large disturbances. Just take the exorbitant egg prices from earlier this year as one example. 

To push back against supply chain issues, some households have taken the idea of farm to table a step further. Demand for backyard chickens rose both during the pandemic, and at the start of the year in response to inflation. But raising a flock can come with many unseen challenges and hassles. A new startup, Coop, is hatching at exactly the right time. 

Coop was founded by AJ Forsythe and Jordan Barnes in 2021, and it packages all of the software essentials of a smart home into a backyard chicken coop. 

Barnes says that she can't resist an opportunity to use a chicken pun; it's peppered into the copy on their website, as well as the name for their products, and is even baked into her title at the company (CMO, she notes, stands for chief marketing officer, but also chicken marketing officer). She and co-founder Forsythe invited Popular Science to a rooftop patio on the Upper East side to see a fully set up Coop and have a "chick-chat" about the company's tech. 

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