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School Bans Smartwatches, Cell Phones, and Other Mobile Devices to...

•, By B.N. Frank

Over the years, governments outside of the U.S. have been banning students' use of personal cell phones while they are in school.  Administrators at schools in the U.S. and worldwide have decided to ban cell phones and other devices as well (see 12, 3) including at Banora Point High School in Australia.

From Environmental Health Trust:

Banora Point High School Cell Phone and Smartwatch Policy To Support Student Learning

Banora Point High School (Australia) released its Mobile Phone Policy and Procedures restricting cell phones, smartwatches and other mobile devices in the school.

"Phones are off and away all day. Phones are not to be visible at any time during the day."

Excerpts from the policy:

"Banora Point High School supports the restrictions of mobile phones and associated devices, including smart watches and listening accessories, in accordance with the NSW Department of Education: Students' Use of Mobile Phones in Schools policy. Mobile phone use in schools can impact student learning and wellbeing. Restricting mobile phone use at school aims to increase focus in classrooms, remove distractions and promote positive social interaction, while reducing the potential for online bullying. Banora Point High School has strong teaching and learning practices to support students in the classroom using various forms of appropriate technology, which maximises the benefits and minimises the risks of digital environments and prepare students for life beyond school."

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This would be OK in the free market but our schools are open air prisons. Literally the implementation of the 10th plank of the communist manifesto and this is NOT OK when the free market is not involved.