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SCOOP: FBI Agent Reveals Smoking-Gun Evidence of Right-Wing Entrapment Operation

•, Ken Silva

(Ken Silva, Headline USA) In the 1990s, the FBI ran an operation entailing undercover agents and informants posing as right-wing extremists.

Code-named Patriot Conspiracy, or PATCON, the operation was kept secret until well into the 2000s.

After being made public, FBI informant John Matthews, who was involved in PATCON, claimed in 2011 that the operation was designed to provoke right-wing groups to violence. For their part, the Justice Department and FBI vehemently denied Matthews's allegations, and court records about his claims are still sealed to this day.

However, an obscure book written by FBI informant Dave Hall and his handler agent, Tym Burkey, provides smoking-gun evidence that corroborates Matthews's allegations.

The book, Into the Devil's Den—which was published in 2008, before Matthews went public—reveals that PATCON FBI informant Vince Reed attempted to get right-wing dissidents to start a domestic terrorism cell.