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Ex-teacher who lives off-grid in remote Arkansas reveals why she will NEVER send her kids...


A mom-of-three has divided audiences after claiming that traditional schooling system causes 'educational trauma' — and she doesn't want her kids to suffer as she did.

Former teacher Taylor Moran, 32, refuses to enroll her children in school, declaring that the educational system stifles their creative function, kills spirit and takes precious time away from other important activities.

Instead, the mom insists on 'unschooling' her three boys — choosing to teach them at home, swapping classrooms and homework for survival skills, and how to make food from scratch.

Taylor, from Arkansas, declared that working in the traditional education system doesn't teach kids the right life skills, and she wants her sons — Hudson, five; Thompson, three; and one-year-old Gus — to learn to live practically.

'School killed my spirit, delayed my creative function, and took precious time from me – I don't want my children to have the same regrets,' Taylor, a certified ex-elementary school teacher told

The mom explained her teaching career 'really never took off,' and she was completing her student teaching portion of her degree when she found out she was pregnant with Hudson in 2017.

'I saw the system from the inside and I opted out, both as a career option and as an option for my kids,' she recalled.

Taylor says her and her husband Nick have taught their children the practical skills they'll need in life, saying they've learned to do things like make sourdough and yoghurt, as well as how to catch and boil wild crawfish.

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