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New Series Exposes Covid Conspiracy & Offers a Solution – 'Covid Unmasked: 2020 and Beyond'

•, By Corey Lynn

The documentary details the players involved, the planning behind this sinister agenda, and a solution to bring it to an end before we lose everything, including our national sovereignty, our freedoms, and our humanity.

In an interview with Children's Health Defense, Miller explained that, while there are some excellent videos that may focus on one aspect of the Covid conspiracy, he saw a need to present the bigger picture.  "I just wanted to cover it all," and provide one place for viewers to go, he remarked. 

Steve Miller's 'Covid Unmasked: 2020 and Beyond' series delves into the Covid conspirators and their menacing motives to reset the global order in parts 1 through 3, and concludes by offering a powerful solution in part 4.  "What we're talking about couldn't be more dire in its potential," Miller expressed, but he hopes this series inspires viewers to believe we can win the fight.  "These guys in control, they're crazy, they're criminals, they're corrupt," he stated, however, "they're not as powerful as you think."