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They think they can come into our homes.

• Ammon Bundy -

Mr. Bundy,

In light of your e-mail of last night refusing to agree to a date and time, I'm serving on you a notice that unilaterally schedules the visit by the appraiser and me to your house on Thursday, October 26, at 10:00 a.m. Under the rules that govern these sorts of things, we're entitled to inspect the house because it's relevant to the lawsuit even though I know that wouldn't be your preference. My appraiser has told me the inspection will not last more than one hour. Please confirm you will permit the inspection at that time. I scheduled it at a time when I assume your children will be at school. I look forward to your anticipated cooperation then.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Bob Faucher

Holland & Hart

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Consider. Is an appraiser without the man or woman in the appraiser's office going to do anything? That is, will the appraiser's office, and the paperwork that says expresses the duties of the appraiser, do anything at all without a man or woman in the appraiser's office? Of course, not. So, it is a man or woman that is doing the appraiser job - and whatever other government office that exists. If government people go outside of their limitations by the Constitution and the laws - such as obeying policy rather than the laws - they are not maintained in their office. Rather, they are acting personally. Sue them personally, man/woman to man/woman.