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The Toxic Brew That Is Going To Create Endless Chaos In The Streets Of America

•, by Michael Snyder

As a result, the streets of America are now teeming with thieves, drug addicts, prostitutes, violent criminals and sexual predators.  We have raised an entire generation of young Americans that has no moral foundation whatsoever, and every day we are adding even more immigrants from third world countries to the mix.  Many of those immigrants have no intention of following our laws, and they are fueling the explosive growth of criminal gangs all over the nation.  On top of everything else, the war in the Middle East threatens to spark an unprecedented wave of domestic terror attacks here in the United States.  Millions of radical Muslims now live in this country, and when the time comes many of them will not hesitate to commit acts of violence.

I have been writing about the social decay in our major cities for many years, but in all that time I have never come across a story quite like this one

We all know that San Francisco has a terrible, awful, horrible, homeless problem with homeless people sleeping everywhere. One homeless man set up camp across from a Catholic grade school. It would have been a curiosity except for the signs he hung outside of his tent.

"Free fentanyl 4 new users" and "Meth for stolen items."

Joseph Adam Moore served six years for unlawful sex with a 12-year-old girl and was accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl just a month after getting out of prison. But his probation deal did not include staying away from schools. So he camped directly across from Stella Maris Academy and began to host parties of stoners — much to the neighborhood's dismay.

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