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Pentagon Sending 900 More Troops To Bolster Anti-Iran Defenses Ahead Of Gaza Offensive

• Zero Hedge

Update(1520ET): In the Pentagon's latest move to bolster US defenses in the Middle East against the 'Iran threat' - given the increased instances of Tehran proxies attacking US troop installations in Iraq and Syria over the last week - some 900 more Americans soldiers will be dispatched to the region

A CBS correspondent has cited Pentagon Press Secretary, Gen. Patrick Ryder, who says 900 US troops have deployed or in process of deploying to bolster missile defense in CENTCOM's mideast region of operations. They are expected to man Patriot, THAAD and Avenger missile systems. Earlier this week US defense officials said these extra missile batteries are being deployed to the theatre ahead of an expected Israeli ground offensive in Gaza. 

The CBS reporter noted "This comes as Iranian-backed groups continue to attack US miliary in Iraq and Syria." Fears are growing that a major IDF push into the Gaza Strip would unleash broader retaliation strikes on US bases in the region. This could include Hezbollah, which operates both in Lebanon and Syria.