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Nonviolent Journalist Reports to Prison for Jan. 6 Coverage


Shroyer committed no violence on January 6th, nor did he enter the Capitol building. The state never even bothered to claim otherwise in its case.

In fact, the opposite is true; InfoWars staff is repeatedly seen on video denouncing violence.

Two days ago, Shroyer released a video explaining his preparations for prison from a newly created Twitter account (his prior account was purged long ago):

While I'm away, I've launched this Twitter account @OwenSchroyer1776. It's actually run by a media team. It's not run by me, but my media team, who will be giving you updates while I'm incarcerated, daily updates while I'm incarcerated, sharing old video clips, new video clips, and as well as phone audio recordings and maybe even live recordings while I'm away.

Assuming Shroyer survives his two-month bid – the state would be poorly advised to do anything to him or let anything happen to him given his platform and the outrage it would incur – his imprisonment will likely only make him more popular.

When Alex Jones was systematically removed from virtually all social media overnight in 2018 in what was obviously a choreographed censorship move, the widely held belief, not just by the censors but even by allies, was that it would kill InfoWars.

To be sure, which Jones has confirmed, it hit the broadcast and his website,, hard in terms of listenership and pageviews, respectively. But the show went on, as it were, and took on the further prestige of an Underground Railroad of sorts for verboten information.