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URGENT: Media Blackout, Dire Situation in Acapulco, Mexico Due To Category 5 Hurricane Otis

• by Jeff Berwick

Not long ago I joked that I was going to have to paint my house in Acapulco blue to avoid DEW attacks. 

This week, almost every house in Acapulco, and all the houses in the area where I live, including my own home, have been seriously damaged or gone… most of our staff, friends and family are homeless now… no one in the city has water or power and there's no food… and right now, no one is coming to help except us. And, worst of all, there are dead bodies on the street and no one is even collecting them – they are left for friends and family survivors to deal with. 

I haven't been at my house in Acapulco for a while (more on that later), so it took me a few days to get the real on-the-ground intel as the whole city has been cut off from the outside completely, including all communication channels. The Mexican government's response has been ZERO so far.   Mexican media are being kept out and video uploads are not getting out, either. (We're working on that, too) 

The mainstream media say it was a hurricane. 

Let's see. A Category 5 hurricane that appeared seemingly out of nowhere, annihilating and totally cutting off a known haven for people who like governments to stay out of their business. To quote one report: "Hurricane Otis turned from mild to monster in record time, and scientists are 'struggling' to figure out how — and why they didn't see it coming…" 

I say it was most likely engineered.