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Advice For Men From TV's 'Hercules': Bring Back Masculinity

• by Randy Tatano

Sorbo, who left woke Tinseltown behind for Florida saying, "Truth is kryptonite in Hollywood" talks about how the portrayal of men on television doesn't exactly inspire guys to be masculine. The liberal narrative is very evident in many current television shows. "Every sitcom seems to have a fat, lazy husband." And over the years, the media's promotion of the sensitive "beta male" has seeped into our culture.

But he feels that the decline of masculinity has a root cause that can be traced to the way children are raised. His own upbringing included exposure to old-fashioned hard work by his family. "I had great examples from my grandfather and father. My father was an only child on a farm in Iowa. And I didn't have teachers telling me how to vote or how to think. Everything starts with parents. It's important to have a dad and a mom raising children. Kids watching TV think dads are not important in a family," he said.