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If the Fed Goes, The State Will Soon Follow

• - George Smith

Anarchy, the absence of coercive government, must not be confused with chaos.

-Robert P. Murphy, Chaos Theory

The Federal Reserve is dying from monetary mischief. The Fed recently made a woke mandate that will only accelerate its own demise. The Fed never should have existed. As a central bank, the Fed is a rogue institution that functions as a giant counterfeiter for hegemonic government and special interests.

Government signed off on the Fed long ago and soon found it indispensable for funding whatever politicians could dream up. Together they have destroyed the Declaration's philosophy of individual rights and replaced it with a system far worse than the one from which the Founders seceded. The Fed is killing itself through its inherent flaws—especially the premise that increasing the money supply is necessary for prosperity. The very existence of the Fed distorts economic forecasting, creating the disastrous business cycle that it was supposed to make mathematically impossible.

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