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China's flying supercar company unveils surprising new vehicles

• by Loz Blain

When relatively young electric car manufacturer Xpeng announced it was throwing more than half a billion US dollars at a new flying car division back in 2021, we were puzzled and bemused. But AeroHT wiped the grin off our faces 12 months later when it actually started flight testing a two-ton prototype of the X3 flying car that basically looked like a sporty hatchback with a giant drone on top.So while a lot of what you're about to read does indeed sound ridiculous and impractical, we can't rule it out. AeroHT seems fully committed to bringing some very weird ideas to the market, and on top of that, Chinese aviation authorities have also recently proven they're willing to roll out the red carpet for innovative ideas, as Europe and the USA continue to roll out the red tape.

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