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Tucker Carlson Drops Episode 35: "Start Another War, Send Millions More..."

•,by Cristina Laila

Tucker Carlson on Monday dropped episode 35 on X: Start another war, send millions more anti-Western refugees to the West. Starting to notice a pattern?

The left is now pressuring the United States to take anti-American Muslim refugees from Palestine amid the Israel-Gaza war.

The US has already taken in millions of Muslim 'refugees' from terror hotspots.

Tucker spoke with Nigel Farage, head of the UK Independence Party about the Israel-Gaza war and the potential for millions of 'refugees' that could be scattered throughout the West.

Tucker asked Nigel why Christian countries are being pressured to take in Muslim refugees while Saudi Arabia and Egypt refuse to take any of them in over fears they will destroy their societies.

"We have allowed the virus of Marxism to take hold in our countries, we've been told to be ashamed of our histories, we've been told that we are institutionally racists, we've been told that we suffer from our own form of bias. We indoctrinate our school kids with this stuff," Nigel Farage said.

"And the reason this Neo-Marxist Agenda has taken such hold in Britain…and much of America, too is actually not because of the left, it's because the conservatives in those countries have not had the courage to stand up to this stuff," Farage added.

Farage continued, "Conservative cowardice through politics and media has led to so very much of this…"