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Air-Conditioning Invented In 3100 BCE? Windcatchers Yazd

•, History with Kayleigh

The answer to that is yes, ancient technology could play a huge role in our modern lives if the Researchers, Engineers and Architects figure out a way to make this doable in all locations.
Of course we have to take microclimatic conditions into account and it does rely on local weather, but it could possibly be that Wind Catchers may be the air conditioning of the future.

The ancient Wind catchers of Yazd, a city in Iran with some unique Persian Architecture.
The nickname of the city of Yazd is "the City of Wind Catchers", but it's also well known for its underground channels transporting water called Qanats, it's ice houses known as Yakhchãls and its traditional reservoirs storing water known as ab anbars.

These are features that made the inhabitants of this city survive the hot desert climate, on a yearly basis there are only 23 days of precipitation with a total of 49 millimetres making this the driest major city in the entirety of Iran.

In 2017 UNESCO put the historical city of Yazd on the world heritage site list, and quite a large part of that decision was because of the wind catchers, this city might have the largest number of wind catchers in the world.