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RAV's Ben Bergquam Reports on Biden Border Crisis from Tucson Airport:

•, By David Greyson

It almost looks hopeless seeing the daily destruction of the United States of America. It is also shameful that our mainstream media doesn't care about the invasion. Thankfully, we have some faithful reporters like Ben Bergquam of Real America's Voice who truly care about the border crisis and our great nation.

Ben Bergquam landed in Tucson to continue his work exposing how bad the illegal immigrant crisis is.

"Just landed in Tucson. This whole waiting room right here all the way on all sides, illegals had just come through nonstop guys, nonstop. Joe Biden, Mayorkas, this whole waiting room right here, illegals heading to Dallas and then to every part of the country. Way to go open borders Democrats," Bergquam said.

This video is evidence that the Biden Regime truly hates and neglects our nation. They already lie to the American public and downplay how bad it is. It's bad enough that they are letting them walk across the border, but they are being put on airplanes and being distributed across the U.S. Let that sink in.