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The Apocalypse Is Here… Whether It Is Heaven Or Hell Is Up To You

•, Jeff Berwick

If it's anything like mine, you are feeling pretty damn good. That's because I have been working hard to develop the virtues that will enable survival — physically, spiritually, mentally, intuitively, and emotionally. And, because of that, right now I'm on a high of moral strength, perseverance, benevolence, love, wisdom, and joy… 

And this, despite experiencing all this damage and destruction in Acapulco, having my material possessions destroyed, seeing my close friends and family taking incredible strain, watching our beloved pug Polo dying, and, generally, just living through hell on earth.

I mean that quite literally. 

Right now, demons are running amok and people are going through hell on earth. 

Some will wake up and ask for forgiveness and change themselves to be more connected and live better lives. 

Others will forge ahead with their anger, and hate, and greed, and end up killing themselves in the Big War To End All Wars. 

I hear you ask why God allows wars and pain and suffering. And, I hear you say that in a perfect world, there would be no wars. No need for national defense, armies, or spies.  Peace would reign and all countries and people would get along, sharing resources and contributing to the greater good.

However, I want to assure you that everything is happening exactly the way it's supposed to. To understand this, you need to know that humanity has cut off its connection to a greater power by its choices. And, now the Creator of the Video Game is allowing mankind to experience life in a world cut off from connection because of sin, evil, and warfare.