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Brighteon Broadcast News, Nov 3, 2023 - SACRIFICING ISRAEL:

• Brighteon - Health Ranger - Mike Adams


1:24:59 Interview with Xavier Ayrals

- Why do BLACK lives matter but BROWN lives do not?

- Rich white nation bombs poor brown nation, media portrays rich white nation as the victims

- The US has long planned to attack and destroy #Iran

- Israel is the puppet state being maneuvered to wage that attack on Iran

- Brookings Institution document reveal plan to DIVERT all retaliation onto #Israel

- #Hamas served as an "accelerant" to bring us to a wider regional war

- #Russia says Israel has no right to self-defense because it is the OCCUPYING power

- #Gaza deaths exceed 9,000 Palestinians as IDF bombing continues

- "No limit" Lindsay Graham says UNLIMITED numbers of Palestinians can be justifiably killed

- The USA is using Israel as a proxy nation against Iran just as #Ukraine was used against Russia

- Israel's atrocities and ethnic cleansing activities are DESIGNED to provoke a wider regional war

- Israel is even bombing BAKERIES and killing people who are standing in line for BREAD

- Full interview with author and researcher Xavier Ayrals on apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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