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NAACP Rails Against Failing Maryland Schools: "African Americans Aren't Being Educated

• by Tyler Durden

He uncovers a troubling trend: An alarming number of county schools have fewer than 5% of students scoring proficient in math.

Based on new school data analyzed by Papst and his team, they found that in 27 schools, 15,256 students took the state test, with at least 95% failed to achieve proficiency in math. A closer examination revealed that out of these 27 schools, 17 are high schools. 

That is an alarming number, but it makes sense if you look at the math scores for students going into high school. Last year, 10,299 students in Baltimore County took the 7th or 8th grade state math test and 5 percent or fewer scored proficient. That means, in all of Baltimore County Public Schools, 5 percent or fewer of seventh and eighth graders who took those tests scored proficient in math. - Papst wrote in the report 

Papst spoke with Ryan Coleman, president of the Randallstown chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), who expressed concern over the new findings, stating: "African American students are not being educated."