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•, By eric

The same problem I have encountered in the past when attempting to charge an EV – at a public "fast" charger. (I always use the air-fingers quote marks when using "fast" in the EV context, to point out the Orwellian use of a word to describe the opposite of what it used to mean.)

The problem isn't the "pumps."

Well, not exclusively.

It's with the payment they'll accept.

Nominally, these EV "fast" chargers allow the supplicant to buy electricity using a credit card. But I have discovered – by trying to pay for it with a credit card – that many of these "fast" chargers won't accept a credit card. Not unless you've signed in with the company that owns the "fast" charger. Or – what they really want you to do – downloaded their "app" (cloying Millennial-era infantile abbreviation, because it's too much trouble – and too adult – to say application) onto your phone so that they can keep track of you.