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Iran Warns Americans Will Be "Hit Hard" If Gaza Ceasefire Not Reached,

• by Tyler Durden

On Monday Iran's foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian claimed that the United States is desperately seeking an end to the fighting to Gaza, despite Israel being nowhere near dismantling and destroying Hamas at the moment, which is Tel Aviv's stated aim.

The foreign minister said that "the Americans sent us a message in the past three days saying they are are seeking a ceasefire," according to state TV.

This could indeed be the behind the scenes messaging now being advanced as Secretary of State Blinken shuttles between capitals in the region, having most recently met with with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday. So far he's on record as seeking a 'humanitarian pause' in the fighting.

More interesting is that the White House has simultaneously dispatched CIA Director William Burns, who arrived in Israel Sunday for top level meetings. Burns will also go to Qatar, and then Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

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