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Tucker Carlson Interviews 'The Most Hated Man In America':

•, by Tyler Durden

Martin Shkreli, once dubbed "the most hated man in America," gained notoriety for hiking the price of a life-saving drug, Daraprim, by 5,000%, a move that led to significant public backlash and a sentence of seven years in prison (Shkreli was released in May in 2022, after having served roughly five years of his original sentence).

In a candid conversation with Tucker Carlson, Shkreli suggests a connection between his and former President Trump's legal troubles, implying a systemic bias against certain individuals:

"It doesn't make a difference whether you're guilty or not."

Reflecting on his trial and the media's portrayal of legal proceedings, the former 'pharma bro' explains his skepticism towards the fairness of the justice system, emphasizing:

"it's a foregone conclusion."

Specifically, he believes he was treated unfairly, claiming his rise to infamy was accelerated after he made a "joke" about Hillary Clinton being a "lizard person", which then led campaign to use him as a symbol of corporate greed.

"Well, you know, I'd take it a few months before that where I was on bail and happy go lucky. I was actually getting into the software business at the time...

I was expecting to go to prison, but I didn't expect to go for four years and I made a joke on social media about Hillary Clinton," Shkreli stated.

Things got a little out of hand, Shkreli explains, after he posted on Facebook that he would pay for a strand of Clinton's hair, which the judge called "a solicitation to assault in exchange for money."