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Atlantis found

• arclein
It took awhile, but we now understand what Plato reported to us. 9,000 years earlier than Platos time we had the pleistocene nonconformity which plausibly rotated the earths crust southward through hudson Bay and induced a huge tsunami world wide. Many other tsunami events took place as well after this which leads to ample conflation of reports. What is hugely important is that for centuries, everyone has naturally assumed that the atlantis described by Plato had to somehow be man built which really constrains speculation. The Rachat structure completely disproves that assertion and its geological uniqueness compares to Niagra Falls and the Grand canyon. You honestly have to see it to understand it is possible. The second necessity is that 9000 years before Plato, the sahara was wet and certainly thge river basin impacting on the richat structure was positioned to innundate the whole structure producing the islad rings and also providing a perfect homeland for multiple tribes