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Truly Decentralised Communication -


Truly Decentralised Communication

2023-11-09 -- Ernest Hancock interviews John Sneisen, John Cunnington on the economy,

Program Date: 11-08-2023

John Sneisen (The Economic Truth) and James Cunnington ( comes on the show to discuss the economy, coming collapse, CBDC's, - the frontier of private, decentralized communication

Welcome to – the frontier of private, decentralized communication. Our platform harnesses the power of webtorrent technology to facilitate direct, peer-to-peer conversations, ensuring that you remain connected without the intervention of any middlemen or centralized infrastructures. With, you are not just a user; you are part of a community upholding the bastion of privacy, where every message, call, and file transfer is insulated from prying eyes.

Embrace the simplicity of an ad-free environment where the sanctity of your dialogue is respected above all. Dive into a space where freedom is not just a concept but a tangible experience, with the assurance that your conversations are yours alone. is not only a testament to what communication should be but also a practical solution to it—efficient, secure, and unequivocally free. Join us in reshaping the landscape of online communication—one webtorrent at a time