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It Really Doesn't Matter Who Created Bitcoin, Or Why...

•, by Mark Jeftovic

Rumours have abounded that Bitcoin was created by the NSA (or the CIA, or the CCP or WEFsters)  going back at least as far as 2010, or so.

They resurfaced over the past week when  Dr Mercola interviewed Catherine Austin Fitts. Since then I've had numerous readers forward me some choice quotes of their talk  (the transcript is here), and highlighting Fitts' suspicion that Bitcoin was created non-altruistically by the NSA.

In it, there is a reference to Nic Carter's theory about the NSA having created Bitcoin:

"The common understanding is that Nakamoto is the ultimate altruist and abandoned his 1 million Bitcoin for the benefit of humanity. Nic Carter is a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency community, and he doesn't buy that story and is convinced that the United States National Security Agency (NSA) is responsible for creating Bitcoin. He believes Bitcoin was written by NSA cryptographers as a monetary bioweapon."

Mercola references this Cointelegraph article where Nic Carter clearly lays out that his NSA-origin theory for Bitcoin is "the lab leak" scenario:

"I call it the 'Bitcoin lab leak hypothesis.' I think it was a shuttered internal R&D project, which one researcher thought was too good to lay fallow on the shelf and chose to secretly release."

Very much in line with the Promethean mythos behind the Satoshi Nakamoto legend that resonates so deeply throughout the community – and if true, might explain just why, the he/she/they/them that is Satoshi – left those 1 million BTC exactly where they sit today. Nobody would want to suffer the fate of Prometheus, doomed to spend eternity chained to a rock, having his liver eaten daily by an eagle.