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The End of the Era of Justice

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

Examples are numerous. I have written about the injustices inflicted on Julian Assange, Trump supporters, and those forced to submit to Covid "vaccination."  This time I will illustrate the point with the "fraud case" against Trump for allegedly overstating the value of his real estate holdings and with the entire world standing aside, the genocide of Palestinians under the rubric  of Israel's "self-defense."

The "fraud case" against Trump consists of an unsupported allegation against Trump by George Soros' disciple  NY attorney general Letitia James who is on record as a Trump-hater.

It is not a trial.  There is no jury. The staged proceeding is only for the judge to determine how big a fine Trump has to pay for allegedly–no proof is supplied, only Letitia's accusation–overstating the value of his holdings.

The judge, Engoron, in my opinion, is indulging his publicly-avowed hatred of Trump.  It is the judge who should be indicted and placed on trial.  He is guilty of ignoring an appellate court's ruling that set a statute of limitations on the case. He granted a summary judgment against Trump of $250,000,000 before the process of determining Trump's fine began.

Engoron and his staff are hardcore Democrats.  They have made political contributions to the Democrat Party that are against the rules of conduct for judges and their law clerks. 

Additionally, the biased judge has ruled against Trump's ability to speak his mind and has prevented Trump's attorneys from pointing out the ridiculous nature of the charges.