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Victims of a dead-end religion -- Too anxious about climate to have children

•, By Jo Nova

In the past these declarations have been a part of a Doomer fashion show where people who probably wouldn't have had children anyway brag about how saintly they are for not having them. They wear their childlessness as a badge of glory. But Anna Lee's declaration sounds more like a cry for help from someone raised on a climate fantasy. She doesn't feel she can offer her children a future, perhaps because she doesn't have one herself. She has, after all, been raised by the village on a dead-end religion. The world will only be saved if impossible things happen. Storms, fires and floods can be stopped with whirly-gigs and magical silicon carpets, don't you know? The solution is so obvious, and it's cheap and free too, but people in our tribe are too stupid and greedy to do it. Imagine what a depressing message that would be — born into a craven mob of colonizing lemmings who didn't do anything good like ending slavery, inventing antibiotics or walking on the moon. Losers…

Some subset of Gen Z have been turned into perpetual climate alarm machine.

On the other hand, there's also an activist element here. News editors are milking youthful angst to help the UN agenda. And Greenpeace are holding the next generation hostage unless they get their way on climate change. The Greenpeace plan, called  "No Future, No Children" aimed to get teenagers to pledge not to have children unless the government fixed the weather, or helped oligarchs get very rich, or something like that. Thankfully I don't think their 2019 plan caught on. The webpage CNN links to is now a shipping container company. But what could go wrong with coercing adolescents into making pledges they may later regret?