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A Government of Cowards

•, By Karen Kwiatkowski

As the Israeli state commits a full-on Gaza genocide, in "response" to the October 7 terror attack by the thoroughly Mossad-infiltrated Hamas, Secretary of State Blinken tentatively suggests to Bossman Bibi that maybe he could drop "smaller bombs" and have a few hours of break in between hospital-smashing and genocidal geography-clearing.

In other news, 16 of 535, just under 3% of the House and Senate, is appealing to Joe Biden to "not extradite" and "not prosecute" Julian Assange over US DoJ charges of over a decade ago, for which he has been held for the past decade and has suffered ongoing attempts by US and UK state actors to demoralize and destroy him.  3% – not 10%, or 30%, why not all of them?

When did the overwhelming majority of American politicians turn into such cowards, unable to get to the point, unwilling to use the correct words, do the right thing, simultaneously blind to morality and reality, as self-aware as floating diatoms and half as smart?  When did we elect such a steaming pile of Prufrocks to lead our country?

The legal gymkhana playing out over the past three years across four jurisdictions trying to prevent the movement, speech, business, and ability of one of the most popular Presidents run for office again, is, for the rest of the world, proof that America is beyond banana republic, and into pure Idiocracy – specifically in light that every state persecution seems to make Trump more popular.

Blinken, a public figure of extraordinary incompetence, brought his children to the White House Halloween party — an event that certainly piqued Pedo Joe's interests – dressed up as a little Zelensky and a Ukrainian flag.  The imagery of the White House candy line explains the modern history of US foreign policy in one word – infantilization.  This uniquely lurid and degrading form of neo-colonialism is the main US policy highway, with no conceivable off-ramp.  We are now at the point where the American state shocks and disturbs Americans as much as it does the rest of the world.