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Family shares incredible behind-the-scenes update on draconian FBI raid of J6 attendee…


This well-orchestrated spectacle was clearly aimed at perpetuating the (false) narrative that MAGA supporters are top-tier terrorists. Why else would they send in armed SWAT teams and helicopters just to arrest someone accused of using pepper spray on a police officer? Then there's Ray Epps, who's on video repeatedly orchestrating the actual "siege" on the Capitol, yet oddly, the feds treat him more like a victim. None of this makes any logical sense. It's all a political hit job.

We covered this disturbing FBI raid when it first broke.


In the regime's relentless campaign to cast MAGA supporters as "domestic terrorists," our new police state has staged quite a hellish show. They've deployed a terrorism task force, including helicopters and armed SWAT teams, to pursue a January 6th participant with the same zeal one would expect in the hunt for the head of a known terror group like Hamas. Except that would be unlikely, since the left actually supports Hamas.

NBC News:

Police and SWAT team members continued their search of a section of sprawling New Jersey woods for a man wanted on charges related to the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

The search for the man, identified as Gregory Yetman, was ongoing near the Middlesex County town of Helmetta, according to the FBI. Tactical teams could be seen in the backyard of homes, as Chopper 4 showed law enforcement searching one property and a shed. The heavily armed teams set off flashbang grenades as part of the search, with the loud bangs echoing throughout the neighborhood.