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Kari Lake 'drove a stake' through the heart of McCain Republicans. Now she wants a meeting.


Kari Lake is finally ready to move on from the 2022 election — or at least she wants her rivals to.

The Arizona Republican has given up — for now — the fire-and-brimstone approach she took in her failed gubernatorial bid last year, adopting a different tack in her current Senate campaign: diplomacy.

Lake has begun reaching out to Republicans she attacked last year, trying to mend the relationships she shredded. Whether she can repair the damage from 2022 — or if her attempts to do so will anger her loyal base — could determine how she fares in a potentially messy three-way race for Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's seat.

Her biggest attempted detente so far is with Karrin Taylor Robson, her 2022 primary opponent whom she once strongly insinuated was a gold digger using her husband's money to try to buy Arizona's governorship.