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Sabra (character)


Created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Sal Buscema, the character first appeared in Incredible Hulk #250 (August 1980) in a cameo, before making a full appearance in Incredible Hulk #256 (February 1981).[1] Sabra is the alter ego of the Israeli superheroine Ruth Bat-Seraph (Hebrew: ??? ??-???). She is a mutant, and serves as an agent to the Israeli secret service known as the Mossad.[2]

Sabra is slated to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain America: Brave New World (2024), portrayed by Israeli actress Shira Haas.


Concept and creation

Belinda Glass, a singer and the first wife of Marvel writer Mark Gruenwald, came up with the name and concept of the character.[3] "Sabra" is a slang term for a native-born Israeli Jew. The name refers to the prickly pear cactus tough on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside.[4]

Publication history

Sabra debuted in Incredible Hulk #256 (February 1981), created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Sal Buscema.[5] She later appeared in the 1990 New Warriors series, by writer Evan Skolnick and artist Patrick Zircher.[6] She appeared in the 2009 Astonishing Tales: Sabra, her first solo one-shot, by writer Matt Yocum.[7]

Fictional character biography

Ruth Bat-Seraph was born near JerusalemIsrael.[8] She was raised on a special kibbutz run by the Israeli government after her power manifested.[9] Ruth was the first superhuman agent to serve with the Mossad (the Israeli secret service).[10] She became a police officer in addition to serving as a government agent.[11][12] Her first public act as Sabra was a battle with the Hulk, whom she mistakenly believed was working with terrorists.[13] Not long after that, Sabra was chosen as a pawn of Death in the latter's game against the Grandmaster. There, she met Iron Man and the Arabian Knight, and battled She-Hulk and Captain Britain.[14] She later appeared at the Hulk's amnesty ceremony in Washington, D.C.[15] Some years later, Sabra's young son was killed in a terrorist attack. She disobeyed orders in order to bring her son's killers to justice.[citation needed]