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Argentina Just Elected a Libertarian President & the MSM Hates Javier Milei

• Organic Prepper - Fabian Omar

Their team won the World Cup last year, and beautifully so. This last weekend, Argentina scored even bigger – a win for freedom – by electing libertarian Javier Milei with 55,7% over left-wing Peronist candidate Sergio Massa (14 against 11 million votes, respectively).

Now, I'm not one to have pet politicians, regardless of their ideological affiliation. Like most people, I'm disgusted with the whole election system and politics in general. Though refusing to become overly bitter, cynical, and disillusioned, I admit the current crop of so-called leaders and political cast has little to cheer for. Very little, in fact.

However, I confess to being among those celebrating Javier Milei's victory as a big win for freedom, and sincerely hope he can get Argentina out of its current mess. Call me an optimist, but perhaps he can do even more than that and inspire people worldwide to go out and vote for the good ones who insist on this fight despite getting pushed away (or worse) by the depth and filth of the swamp. We must never lose hope.

Who is Javier Milei, and how did he win?

Much in the way of a Trump and Bolsonaro, Milei is an outsider. A former economist, self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist turned libertarian, Milei can communicate his ideas and proposals in a clear, concise, and fact-based manner, despite his crazy hair and wild, fierce gesturing. He doesn't measure his words when talking about communists and other leeches, not even when on TV.

He ran on a platform of small government, radical anti-socialism, and Austrian economics – and won.