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BBC on Al-Shifa raid: Israel tampered with evidence, edited 'unedited' video and failed...

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The BBC, one of only two news organizations allowed into Al-Shifa Hospital by Israel, is reporting that the IDF tampered with evidence, edited the "unedited" video of the raid they released on social media and have failed so far to prove that the site is being used as a "Hamas Command Center" as they claimed.

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??????? BOMBSHELL: BBC proves that the Israeli army is moving weapons around to show them as "found" at a specific place!

They also have not yet produced evidence that Al Shifa was a headquaters with a huge underground facility!

Caught …

— Lord Bebo (@MyLordBebo) November 17, 2023

I reported on much of this yesterday and still nothing has changed.

They dug up a tunnel outside the building but it appears it was just a water reservoir or septic tank.

NOTICE? This is the SECOND time Israel claims a water reservoir at a hospital was a Hamas tunnel.

They were exposed for doing this at Sheikh Hamad Hospital.

— Syrian Girl ??? (@Partisangirl) November 17, 2023

Photos show how this type of septic tank/water reservoir looks like above ground. The pipe that would lead in and out of the tank can also be seen.

This is not a "hamas tunnel" as the IDF claimed.

— Syrian Girl ??? (@Partisangirl) November 17, 2023

Here is how the underground sewage tank looks before the IDF bulldozed it to make it look like a "Hamas tunnel" at Al Shifa hospital

No wonder the IDF didn't want to go inside to film.

— Syrian Girl ??? (@Partisangirl) November 17, 2023

David Friedman, the former US ambassador to Israel under Donald Trump, claimed earlier this week that it has been "proven with certainty" that Hamas's HQ was under the hospital and accused an Al Jazeera interviewer of "Holocaust denial" for demanding evidence.