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How OpenAI's ex-CEO Sam Altman, Microsoft, and Other Controligarchs Are Weaponizing AI -


Microsoft, Amazon, and Google (among other mega corporations) are currently spending unprecedented sums of money to build out massive data centers in preparation for the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. And harvesting your data is only the beginning. 

Controligarchs: Exposing the Billionaire Class, Their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life reveals that powerful multinational tech companies are already weaponizing AI and rapidly ratcheting up "generative" AI tools, which have the power to extinguish what remains of the free market.

The book warns how the AI revolution could push Americans into a socialist dystopia. This will happen via mass layoffs which, in turn, will lead to a meager welfare check called a "universal basic income." The Controligarchs' end goal? Total control over you via a China-style social-credit-score system.