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Fascinating video inside a plant-based turkey factory that'll feed millions of veggie Americans.


It's a Thanksgiving holiday tradition as cherished as the corny 'dad jokes' and cranky debates it produces around the dinner table: the vegetarian and vegan-friendly 'Tofurky' roast.

Every year, the company that makes the tofu- and wheat-based turkey substitute, shifts production from its line of everyday plant-based cold cuts and meats in a mad dash to deliver enough of its trademark roasts in time for the holidays.

Workers make, bake and package 6,000 holiday roasts in each 10-hour shift ahead of the holiday season at the company's Hood River factory in Oregon

Approximately 7.5 million Tofurky roasts have been sold since the savory entrée was first invented in 1980.

But the process of mixing industrial quantities of the tofu and wheat 'masa,' to wrap  around each Tofurky's interior of wild rice stuffing, isn't always pretty. Here's a look inside one factory where the vegan sausage gets made.  

A total of roughly 175 workers, 50 at parent company Turtle Island Foods' Hood River factory alone, leap into production each year to crank out the Tofurky.

Each shift, four people are responsible for making the 'masa,' or the dough of tofu and wheat, which is mixed with canola oil, water and savory seasonings for that appropriate autumnal texture and flavor.

Another employee takes on the solitary task of making all the wild rice stuffing at the center of each holiday roast, mixing in breadcrumbs, celery, onion, carrot, leek and other seasonings.

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