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Jamaal Bowman gets off scot-free: The Democrat WON'T be investigated by House Ethics...


The House Ethics Committee will not be investigating Jamaal Bowman's fire alarm heist after he's already been charged with a crime by DC law enforcement, it announced Wednesday.

Video footage showed Bowman pulling the fire alarm during a chaotic weekend vote to keep the government funded on September 30. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge from the D.C. attorney general related to triggering a false fire alarm and agreed to pay the maximum fine. 

The charge launched the Ethics panel's process for investigating a lawmaker. But the committee, split evenly between Republicans and Democrats, voted not to launch an investigative subcommittee and send a full report to the House. 

'A majority of the Members of the Committee did not agree to establish an [Investigative Subcommittee] or report to the House regarding Representative Bowman's conduct,' Chair Michael Guest, R-Miss., and Ranking Member Susan Wild, D-Pa., said in a statement. 

Republicans accused Bowman of pulling the fire alarm to delay a vote on a stopgap government funding bill. 

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy had put a 'clean' continuing resolution, CR, to extend the funding deadline and avert a shutdown hours before a deadline. Democrats had wanted more time to read the bill and make sure they weren't getting duped. 

Under the  agreement with prosecutors Bowman will have to pay a $1,000 fine and write an apology to Capitol Police. 

The New York Democrat called allegations he pulled the alarm deliberately 'complete BS' and claimed he thought he was opening a door.

But Capitol Police referred him to prosecutors, who hit him with one misdemeanor count and ordered him to appear in court.

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