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EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama is using his toxic radical, 'un-American, Marxist and anti-Semitic'.


Barack Obama has been controlled and dominated by radical, 'un-American' Marxist, communist and anti-Semitic influencers throughout his life – and is using those same toxic philosophies to control the Biden presidency, a new incendiary book about the former president claims. 

The 44th POTUS, who has been outspoken about the ongoing Israel-Hamas war – condemning Israel's decision to cut off water and energy from Gaza last month - would have adopted his left-leaning foreign policies long before he entered politics, having studied under two radical, anti-Semitic Palestinian academics, Eric Said and Rashid Khalidi, at the University of Chicago.

And according to Scott McKay, a contributing editor at The American Spectator and political commentator, it's those questionable but generally overlooked ties to such principles and scholars that could have otherwise cost Obama the support of the American people in 2008. 

In his new book, Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It's all Obama, published by Calamo Press, McKay writes: 'If mainstream America recognized the full extent of Barack Obama's radical associations and influences…with all that un-American baggage trailing him, he never would have been elected president.' 

The result of Obama's radical, anti-American affiliations and beliefs, McKay says, 'is an America we no longer recognize where the insanity that men are women and women are men is official dogma; where our great cities are cesspools of depravity and rampant crime goes unpunished; where our borders are no longer worth of the term'.