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Native American Group Sues NFL Team Owner Over Redskins Name Change

• By Juliette Fairley

The Native American Guardian Association (NAGA) filed its complaint in the U.S. District Court of North Dakota against the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) and Josh Harris, who acquired the team in July for $6.05 billion.

"NAGA's members were huge Redskin fans precisely because they were the Redskins," the complaint states. "It was the only team in the NFL to honor an actual Native American."

After accusations that Redskins is indicative of systemic racism, the team dropped the name in 2020 and renamed itself the Washington Football Team—then changed it again to the Washington Commanders in early 2022. All this despite the logo of Chief John Two Guns White Calf's image was gifted to the team by the Blackfeet tribe in the early 1970s to help educate Americans about Native America.

"I really appreciate the history and tradition that came with the name," author M. Andre Billeaudeaux told The Epoch Times. "I was disappointed to see that they folded without much of a fight."