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We are Going Off Grid Over 30 Days for $25k

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Episode 1: Canvas Tent, Clearing Brush, & Ordering the Cabin Shell

Welcome to our 30 day off-grid build for October of 2023! We're assembling sustainable, affordable, off-grid systems to provide for the 5 basic physiological needs for 2-4 humans: Creative shelter, fresh water, green sanitation, clean energy, and local food are things that make the world truly better and more enjoyable. Beyond having fun building all of this and sharing it with you, one big goal for this project is to clearly illustrate how creative & sustainable solutions can solve our housing affordability crisis and free young people to avoid working paycheck to paycheck to survive in our modern economy. We need a fresh vision for living well! Many people are seeking a closer connection to nature, a slower pace of life, an affordable lifestyle, a sustainable lifestyle, and freedom from being indentured to our modern economic system. Mostly though, we just love building off-grid systems!

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