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The Humanoid Invasion Is Coming, Like It Or Not!

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With AI and industrial robots cometh the humanoids. Elon Musk is in a race with China to see who will lead the world in mass production. Powered by AI, they will be super-capable to step into roles like caregiver, nanny, medical assistant, robocop, para-legal, sex surrogate and more. Technocrats build because they can, not because there is a moral or ethical mandate to do so. As such, they are on a trajectory to destroy what it means to be human. ? TN Editor

The world's great powers are in a race to create a powerful new species of humans that are not human at all, but they will be used as powerful tools of intimidation and deception.

China has published plans to mass-produce humanoid robots by 2025, as Western companies including Elon Musk's Tesla race to produce their own humanoids, The Daily Mail reports.

The British news outlet spoke to leading experts on how humanoid robots could change the world – with one expert saying that the tech will grow exponentially this decade.

Goldman Sachs has predicted that the market for humanoid robots could be worth $150 billion a year worldwide within 15 years — and that humanoid robots will be viable in factories between 2025-2028 and in other jobs by 2030-2035.