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James Rickards: When Next Financial Crisis Hits, Elites Plan To Freeze The Financial...

•, By Mac Slavo

When the planned financial collapse finally hits, the elites and globalists have big plans to freeze the entire financial system on a massive global scale. Back in 2017, James Rickards warned that there is a network of 189 people who are positioned in the world's financial systems that hold the fate of the global financial system in their hands.

James "Jim" Rickards is Chief Global Strategist for Meraglim, an investment company; the editor of Strategic Intelligence, a financial newsletter; and, Director of The James Rickards Project, an inquiry into the complex dynamics of geopolitics and global capital. He is the author of The New Case for Gold (April 2016) and two New York Times bestsellers: 'The Death of Money' (2014), and 'Currency Wars' (2011). In 2016 he published another book 'The Road to Ruin'.

If we still somehow believe the ruling class will be looking out for us, we still aren't ready to evolve past being their slaves. Since ancient times the financial and political elite have had big goals of global domination and total control over every human being.   Although the plan has changed hands countless times, its core goal has remained unchanged.  The current generation of elites is the first with the technology to carry the plan out.  In an interview with The Daily Reckoning in November 2017, Rickards exposed the elites' plans in full, and technology will be the cornerstone of their control scheme.

The next financial crisis will not be merely a bigger version of the 1998 and 2008 crises, it will be qualitatively different.  It will encompass multiple asset classes on a global scale.  It will exhibit inflation not seen since the 1970s, insolvency not seen since the 1930s and exchange shutdowns not seen since 1914.  State power will be summoned to contain panic.  Capitalism will be discredited once and for all. – James Rickards, The Road To Ruin