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How Pfizer and Moderna Control Vaccine Discourse

•, By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Special interest groups paid by Pfizer to push for mandates and other coercive vaccine policies included the Chicago Urban league (which argued the jab mandate would benefit the Black community), the National Consumers League, the Immunization Partnership, the Advertising Council and a long list of universities and cancer, cardiology, rheumatology and medical science organizations.

The coercive measures and subsequent mandates — which have since been reversed by the courts — allowed Pfizer to become the first drug company in history to break $100 billion in annual sales.

Moderna Uses NGO to Censor Vaccine Discussions

In a November 20, 2023, Unherd article3 cowritten with journalist Jack Poulson, Fang turns his attention to Moderna, detailing what Moderna is doing to control the vaccine debate and influence vaccine policy.

Just like the federal government has been working with the Stanford Internet Observatory and NewsGuard to circumvent First Amendment free speech rights,4 Moderna has been secretly working with a third party nongovernmental organization (NGO) called Public Good Projects (PGP) to monitor and censor online discussions about the COVID shots — anything that might hurt Moderna's bottom line.

According to documents seen by Fang and Poulson, PGP works closely with social media platforms, government agencies and news websites to identify and shut down "misinformation."

"With PGP, Moderna is monitoring a huge range of mainstream outlets, as well as unconventional ones, such as the Steam online gaming community and Medium," Fang and Poulson write.