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Authorities Demand Access To Private Social Media Conversations To Spy On Anti-Mass...

•, by Paul Joseph Watson

Authorities in Ireland are set to be given access to private social media conversations in order to spy on anti-mass migration sentiment following the riots in Dublin.

After an Algerian migrant stabbed three children outside a primary school, fiery but mostly peaceful protests broke out in the Irish capital.

Authorities reacted by being more outraged at the protesters than the actual would-be child murderer, who should have been deported 20 years ago and was previously released after being arrested for carrying a knife.

Now Irish people who share spicy memes in WhatsApp chat groups are going to be under government surveillance should this new 'hate speech' legislation pass.

"Gardai will be able to access and intercept private conversations on social media sites under new legislation, as the Justice Minister promised to crack down on crime following the riots in Dublin," reports the Irish Times.

The new legislation will also empower authorities to demand "cell site location data" from cellphone companies to help them locate dissidents.

According to the critics, the new law would create "de facto mass surveillance of the entire population."

The new law would also fulfil Elon Musk's warning that Irish citizens could be arrested and imprisoned for having a meme on their phone.