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'Wouldn't Want To Panic The Population': Tucker Blasts US Gov't Over Lack Of Transpa

• Daily Caller

Carlson released his 42nd Twitter episode in which he discussed the issues he has found between the U.S. government and UFOs. Before bringing on Tennessee Republican Rep. Tim Burchett, Carlson questioned why the federal government would allegedly create a "coordinated effort" to hide information about UFOs for the last "80 years." (RELATED: Former NASA Chief Says UFOs Could Be 'Unfriendly' Chinese Tech)

"Federal agencies have been lying about UFOs for more than 80 years, this has been a coordinated effort. It is both highly time-consuming and very expensive. Many Americans have been hurt in the process. But what's the point of this? Would it be a lot easier just to release the facts?" Carlson stated.

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The question of UFOs can be easily answered. In Genesis chapter 6, it talks about the angels coming into the daughters of men and having children by them. Some of the angels are real, physical beings. These are the aliens. Check out the beginning of Ezekiel for the views of other aliens, right in our Bible. | The Book of Enoch talks about the punishment that God did to the aliens in Genesis 6. So, aliens need to be careful about the contact that they make with people. Mostly they have been ordered by God to help us anonymously. | Two reasons why government people are afraid to let the UFO info out: 1) They fear some punishment from God like the Genesis 6 angels received; 2) If people knew that aliens are the angels like talked about in the Bible, they would start to believe the Bible, and they would learn from it how to shut down corruption >>> the government.