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Public Health Agencies Are Back To Their Old Tricks And Why We Need New Nuremberg Trials...

•, By W.A. Eliot

(All News Pipeline: With Americans and people all across the planet having had it up to here with the never-ending lies being told to us about the last 'scamdemic' and the attempts to implement medical tyranny, and reports anger is spreading rapidly all across the planet, we see they're preparing to do it all over again. And as we see in this story, America's public health agencies are up to their same old tricks. With the only thing that will hold these very real demons accountable for their crimes of genocide and mass murder being Nuremberg 2.0 trials, the people of the planet must come together to hold these eugenicists accountable for carrying out mass murder; the future of the entire human race is dependent upon us.) 

Maybe you thought our public health agencies would undergo some contrite introspection after blowing it on basically every major COVID-19 policy (masks, lockdowns, school closings, vaccine safety, and efficacy, therapeutics, etc.). Yeah, sure. They did it all on purpose, their only regret being they didn't do it to us gooder and harder. (Shortly before stepping down, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said she regretted the messaging, not getting the policies wrong. Masks forever, boosters galore, follow the teachers' union science, as long as the messaging is clear and forceful.) And they're still at it. 

From Newsmax, this about Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, an economist at Columbia University, regarding NIH: 

A prominent "lifelong Democrat" scholar and economist who chaired a COVID-19 commission blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci and others for promoting "massive government lying" regarding the coronavirus, and accused Senate Democrats of refusing to investigate the virus' origins... "

And I began to really see close up that there was so much lying coming out of NIH [National Institutes of Health], coming out of Fauci, coming out of, unfortunately, the government protecting all of this and now it's spilling out."