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Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich joins Mike Adams for a heartfelt discussion on PEACE and humanity

• Brighteon - Health Ranger - Mike Adams

"We're in a moment where what [George] Orwell wrote about years ago, in terms of the inversion of meaning. We're seeing an action that up is down, wrong is right and worse is the better reason," he told Mike Adams in a recent episode of the Health Ranger Report, adding that this twisted theory is now in full display in the ongoing war in the Middle East to justify the slaughter of innocent. For him, there is one supreme teaching: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." He said that this principle cuts across any religion. "It's in the Talmud, Quran and the Bible. We need to call upon spiritual guidance at a time when our limited minds can't figure out how to work things out diplomatically," he remarked. However, instead of acquiring a clear perspective in this time of crisis, what's happening is spiritual principles are now being used to justify slaughter. "And that is twisted," he lamented.

He further urged that if America is to take sides between Israelis and Palestinians, take this out of peace. "If we cannot take a stand to stop the slaughter of women and children and innocent people, then who are we? Where are our values? And can there be anything more specific about being a conservative than conserving the peace?" he emphasized because according to him, Israel is on the offense and this is contrary to the narrative that it is just defending its people. Worse, the United States is immensely involved in standing up for these policies that are so destructive.