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Rogan: Democrats Have "No Cards To Play" For 2024, Except Imprisoning Trump

•, by Steve Watson

"I think at this point they kind of have to run [Biden] unless he dies," Rogan asserted, adding "We have one year now, we're in late November, we have less than one year. What are they going to do? If Biden died tomorrow, what do they do with Kamala Harris? Put her on the moon? What are they going to do, she's the vice president. If he dies, she becomes the president, which is fucking wild when you hear that lady talk."

Rogan further noted that throwing someone like California Governor Gavin Newsom in as the nominee in place of Harris would expose how lacking in direction the party has been.

"I think they have no cards and they're looking at this game and I think they're depending upon party loyalty and they're depending upon Trump getting convicted and arrested and imprisoned," Rogan contiuned.

"I don't know if that's going to happen. I don't think it is. It just seems like it's a bunch of trumped-up charges, no pun intended," he added.

"It does make sense if you want to look at banana republic tactics, when you're imprisoning and trying to convict your political opponents," Rogan further stated, adding "The problem with that is, even if you think Donald Trump is a crook and should be arrested, this sets a precedent for future presidents."

"What if someone further right than him steps in? What if a war breaks out? What if things get even crazier? What if nationalism really upticks? Then you have someone who is now in power that is far right, like happened all over the world. If that happens and that precedent has been set for prosecuting your political opponents and going after them with trumped-up charges, that is a horrible situation," Rogan warned.

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