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Jabbing Back: After Being Fired For Vaccine Refusal This Man Defended Himself & Won

•, By Ryan Cristián

The company terminated his employment when he refused to take the experimental COVID-19 injection after the initiation of a company-wide vaccine mandate, all taking place during the height of the irrational COVID-19 panic.

Most importantly, after over a year of endless process at his own expense, and a constantly evolving legal ground (and likely to their collective and professional frustration) the company was forced to pay out a settlement, and with it further dissolving the illusion that was COVID-19.

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Comment by tittiger
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Our "justice system" is designed from the ground up to prevent the average person from protecting his or her rights from the State. For most people our interactions with the State resemble non-consensual rape with no workable recourse to go after the rapist. All done by design. This could have been stopped on day one with a real Justice System - which we sure as hell do not have.